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Village of Sault car hanger

Village of Sault car hanger

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Fragrance Description: French Lavender & Honey is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. These two familiar scents create something special. The sweet honey softens the lavender notes, enhancing the floral notes and diminishing the green, the herbal notes. The result is a lovely, soft, feminine fragrance. 

Contains .5oz of pour fragrance oil. Scents last up to 60 days.

How it works:

We would be delighted to elucidate how our product works. Our car hanger diffuser functions by utilizing a wooden lid that absorbs the fragrance oil, enabling it to release an enchanting aroma into the surrounding space.

For those seeking an optimal scent distribution experience, we recommend placing the diffuser near the AC or heating vents to ensure an even aroma throughout your vehicle.

We take great pride in our product and believe it can bring joy and relaxation to your daily life. With our car hanger diffuser, you can transform any environment into a delightfully scented oasis.