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“She was young and in love with the idea of love. Rosalie was a hopeless romantic. Plucking the petals of a rose. He loves me... He loves me not.

In a garden filled with blooming roses, Rosalie sat amongst the petals, plucking them one by one. As she wondered if love was in her future, a scent filled the air, captivating her senses. The fragrance was delicate, yet bold, reminiscent of the beauty of freshly clipped, long-stem roses. The aroma intertwined with the organic sweetness of the botanical green leaves and stems, creating an enchanting and romantic atmosphere. With each inhalation, the floral ambiance transported Rosalie to a place of pure bliss and euphoria. The fragrance notes of botanical green leaves, roses, and florals came together to create a scent that embodied the essence of love and the beauty of nature.

Top – Botanical green leaves

Middle – Rose

Bottom – Florals