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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar

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Dive into a world of sheer girl power with the Pink Sugar candle - a vibrant celebration of all things sweet and sassy! Picture a delectable blend where succulent berries, fresh fig leaves, and zesty orange come together in a dance of pure excitement, sprinkled with just a touch of licorice to keep things playful and daring.

As the woody undertones mingle with the enchanting fragrance of cotton candy and luxurious caramel, a soft powdery essence whispers notes of nostalgia, enveloping you in a cocoon of feminine charm and whimsy.

At first whiff, the tangy burst of orange and the delectable licorice awaken your senses with a refreshing jolt of energy. Then, the heart notes of juicy berries, uplifting bergamot, and warm, woodsy tones wrap you in a cozy embrace, like a comforting hug on a breezy day. Finally, the creamy caramel, powdery musk, and sugary cotton candy in the base notes weave a tapestry of delightful sweetness, leaving you basking in pure joy and contentment.

Fragrance Notes: 
Top – orange, licorice

Middle – berry, bergamot, woody

Bottom – cotton candy, caramel, powder