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Step into the world of Twilight and meet Jacob, the bold and confident heartthrob who'll make your heart race with his undeniable charm. Inspired by the beloved book series, the Jacob candle from the Bookworm Collection are a tribute to the character we all know and love.

Jacob is the epitome of Alpha masculinity - a fierce protector with the strength of a wolf and the loyalty of a dog. But when it comes to the one he loves, he's as tender and gentle as a marshmallow, willing to do anything to win her heart.

Even if it means going up against his mortal enemy with cold skin, Jacob's persistence knows no bounds. He's a member of a pack, but he'll leave everything behind to ensure the safety of his beloved.

In the battle for her affection, Jacob is a force to be reckoned with. He's determined to win her over, no matter what it takes. So light up a Jacob candle, and let the scent transport you to the world of Twilight, where love knows no bounds and Jacob reigns supreme.


Top notes: greens, citrus, and fruit
Middle notes: jasmine, rose, lily, rain
Bottoms notes: sandalwood, musk, pine