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English Cottage
English Cottage

English Cottage

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” In winter's icy clutch, wanderlust blooms,
A yearning for distant lands and exotic perfumes.
Dreams of escape, to a sun-kissed shore,
Yet stuck in reality, longing for more.

But fear not, dear dreamer, reach for the light,
From our Wonderlust collection, ignite your flight.
Close your eyes, breathe in the scents so rare,
Let imagination soar, to lands beyond compare.

Whisked away on a whimsical ride,
Through valleys of green and oceans wide.
Mountains of majesty, and cities of old,
In your mind's eye, let these tales unfold.

So kindle that candle, let wanderlust ignite,
In the realm of dreams, take your soul in flight.
Adventure awaits, no plane ticket needed,
In the magic of mind, all limits exceeded.”

 into the idyllic charm of "English Cottage," a soy candle from our Wanderlust Collection that captures the essence of a serene countryside vacation in a quaint village in England. Close your eyes and let the fragrant dance of whimsical wildflowers carry you away to a picturesque cottage surrounded by blooming gardens.

At the top, the scent opens with a burst of green citrusy freshness, reminiscent of a crisp morning stroll through dew-kissed meadows. Fruity notes intermingle with the sweetness of melon, evoking the vibrant energy of a bustling farmer's market in full bloom.

Journeying deeper into the heart of the fragrance, delicate florals bloom around you like a fragrant bouquet. Jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, magnolia, and apple intertwine, creating a symphony of scents that mirrors the lush gardens that frame the charming English cottage.

As the candle burns, a warm embrace of sandalwood, musky undertones, and sweet vanilla envelops you, like a cozy blanket by a crackling fireplace. This comforting blend of base notes lingers, inviting you to relax and unwind in the tranquil setting of the countryside retreat. Let the "English Cottage" candle transport you to a place where time slows down, and the beauty of nature surrounds you in all its splendor.


Fragrance notes:

Top: Green citrusy, fresh, fruity & melon 
Middle: Jasmine, rose , lily of the valley, magnolia and apple
Bottom: sandalwood, musky & sweet vanilla