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Enchanted Oasis
Enchanted Oasis

Enchanted Oasis

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Enter a world of sensory indulgence, where luxury and whimsy collide in a captivating symphony of scent. Our Soy Wax Candle beckons you with its enchanting blend, conjuring a radiant summer day where succulent fruits abound and the air is kissed with creamy coconut and sea salt.

As you light the flame, a spell is cast, and the notes of luscious berries and juicy citrus burst forth like a vibrant kaleidoscope of color. The iridescent shimmer of this exquisite blend tantalizes the imagination, transporting you to a secret garden where nature's own palette is at play.

In the heart of this scented oasis, the sea salt and creamy whispers of coconut intertwine in a dance of refined elegance. The synergy of these elements creates an intoxicating melody that transports you to a faraway paradise, where the sun-kissed shores await.

And just when you thought the journey couldn't get any more enchanting, the scent takes an unexpected turn. Layers of musk emerge, wrapping you in a tender embrace of sheer opulence. Vanilla sugar dances in the air, casting a spell of decadence, while amber infuses the composition with a lingering sweetness that leaves an everlasting impression.

Fragrance notes:

Top – fruity
Middle – sea salt, coconut
Bottom – musk, creamy, vanilla sugar, amber

(This candle wax is infused with gold mica powder that will change the wax to gold shimmer as it burns.)