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Clarity and Tranquility
Clarity and Tranquility

Clarity and Tranquility

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Clarity and tranquility Amethyst and Clear quartz, intention candle with wooden wick

 Fragrance notes:

Top - citrus
Middle -
lavender, green
Bottom -
orange blossom, vanilla

Amethyst is the perfect stone to use for calming, de-stressing and clearing the mind of negative energy. Amethyst is an incredibly protective and healing crystal and is a wonderful natural tranquilliser. It helps to balance moods and works to bring tranquility to your mind and your crown chakra so you can focus on healing any blockages that are holding you back. The combination of Amethyst and lavender aromatherapy is highly relaxing and makes for a wonderful candle to light before bed or when meditating and unwinding.

Clear Quartz enhancing mental clarity. It can help with emotional stability, and it's popular in meditation and restorative work. It's also often used for manifestation and can help create more focus and clarity around a desire. It is a protective stone and can be used to amplify psychic abilities.


Intention candles are candles infused or charged with the energy of your intention and are used in rituals, meditation, and on altars to manifest those intentions to life.