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Caramel Macchiato
Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato

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Looking for a way to enjoy the irresistible aroma of a freshly brewed caramel macchiato without leaving the comfort of your own home? Look no further than our Caramel Macchiato Candle!

Crafted with the perfect blend of sweet citron peel, cocoa, caramel crème, Kona coffee, mocha latte, and Brazilian sugar cane notes, this candle will transport you to your favorite coffee shop in an instant. Indulge in the rich, decadent scent of caramel crème and Brazilian sugar cane, perfectly balanced with the bold flavors of Kona coffee and sweet citron peel.

Whether you're savoring a quiet moment alone or entertaining friends and family, this candle is the perfect way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. So go ahead and treat yourself or a loved one to the delightful aroma of a caramel macchiato anytime, anywhere. It's the perfect blend of creativity and indulgence, sure to delight your senses!

Fragrance Notes

Top: Sweet Citron Peel, Cocoa

Middle: Caramel Crème, Kona Coffee

Bottom:  Mocha Latte, Brazilian Sugar Cane