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Arabian Night
Arabian Night

Arabian Night

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” In winter's icy clutch, wanderlust blooms,
A yearning for distant lands and exotic perfumes.
Dreams of escape, to a sun-kissed shore,
Yet stuck in reality, longing for more.

But fear not, dear dreamer, reach for the light,
From our Wonderlust collection, ignite your flight.
Close your eyes, breathe in the scents so rare,
Let imagination soar, to lands beyond compare.

Whisked away on a whimsical ride,
Through valleys of green and oceans wide.
Mountains of majesty, and cities of old,
In your mind's eye, let these tales unfold.

So kindle that candle, let wanderlust ignite,
In the realm of dreams, take your soul in flight.
Adventure awaits, no plane ticket needed,
In the magic of mind, all limits exceeded.”


✨Embark on a sensory journey with our "Arabian Night" soy candle from the Wanderlust Collection, where each flicker illuminates a realm of mystery and enchantment. Imagine being enveloped in a tapestry of fragrances that transport you to a distant land of sprawling deserts and ancient wonders.

As the flame dances, the tantalizing aroma of cardamom fills the air, weaving a delicate web of spice that awakens your senses. Intertwined with this exotic fragrance is a symphony of spices, their intricate dance evoking visions of bustling bazaars and secret alleyways.

Picture yourself wandering through these labyrinthine pathways, guided by the alluring scents of leather and tobacco that linger in the air, hinting at tales of adventure and intrigue. The essence of cedar whispers of ancient wisdom, grounding you in the presence of centuries-old traditions and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

And finally, the warm, velvety notes of sandalwood envelop you like a soft desert breeze, transporting you to a place where time seems to stand still, and the night holds endless possibilities. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let the "Arabian Night" candle carry you away to a world of magic and allure, where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur into one.